Ghosts and the Unexplained

These are photos, stories, and different things that are unexplained or unexplainable.

Ghosts and Orbs:

This is what I think is a ghost beside the old tobacco barn.
I have seen several of these. It is not fog or smoke. The apparition
seems to hang around the same spot for a longer period of time than fog or smoke.
I took several shots from different angles and it stayed in the same place.
I saw one in the back pasture that was the size and shape of a man. It was verticle
and did not move.

This is another example of the fog or apparition hovering over a
statue in a garden. There was no more fog anywhere else.

This photo has three Orbs in it. One tiny one and two larger ones.
Circled in Red. The people in the photo have had their faces obscured
because I did not get permission to use this photo with them in it.
The other person is me.

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