Dec 6, 2011

Chemtrails, Possible UFOs and Abnormal Cloud Formations

I was recently outside taking digital photos in my yard. I had noticed some strange looking cloud formations. There are almost always Chemtrails in the sky but these were different. Some looked like clouds but I've never seen clouds shaped like these: 

But the really weird ones were seen in the West. They made a shape like a box with a triangle attached to the side of it.

I took several photos of it from different viewpoints.
I downloaded them into the computer and made higher resolution shots of them.

I noticed that there were things in the cloud formation I had not seen
When I first took the photos.

If you look closely you will see a small object in the lower right corner of the box.

This is an enlargement of the small object.

This is a cropped view of just the object. It does not look like an airplane or a bird.
I took several shots and it didn't move from that corner of the box.

This is an embossed image of the same object.

This shows a couple of anomalous objects (circled) The objects 
with arrows are probably buzzards.
The circled object is unidentified.
There are two unidentified objects circled here.
This is a close up view of the circled objects above. Notice one is white and the other is red.

Not sure what these objects are.

Another possible UFO.

I noticed that these had a reverse S shape in them.
The above clouds are from Chemtrails that have been there long enough to change shape and break up.

The mountain in our back yard with a dome shaped cloud hovering 
just over the mountain.

This is the remains of the box and some leftover Chemtrails.
The leftovers had wispy tails hanging down like the tentacles of a jellyfish.


Southern Muse said...

Those are some powerful images, bro!

Philip DeLoach said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you found it interesting. If you run across anyone who can decipher that writing on that steel ball please get them to contact me.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Hi, check out and the "What is in our skies" series on YouTube.
Great pics!